Exchange Points

Kaha Kura
  • Strength: 1
  • Weakness: 2
  • Subplot: 1

Challenges and Obstacles

  • Find Shelter From the Storm: 1 Point
  • Locate Food and Water: 1 Point

A New Land

Hauku’s face smiling up at him was the first image to return to his addled mind, a beautiful, comforting visage surrounded by the susurrus of the evening tide and the soft calls of birds. Then, suddenly, it was ripped away by a crash of thunder and the trembling of an earthquake. The view into the maw of the volcano came next, Hauku’s cries for help intermingled with the sound of her struggling against the choking, poisonous air that Rūaumoko saw fit to send forth from the underworld. Then pain. The searing, spirit-shattering pain of the heated air and flecks of molten rock from Rūaumoko’s realm, intermingled with the heart-rending pain of Hauku’s screams, ripping ragged from her throat as—

His mind rebelled, and he was thrown to consciousness. Gagging on seawater, he levered himself up onto one elbow and roughly brushed the sand from his scarred face. He was on a beach, and Tangaroa was in a frenzy. The great sea god whipped the waters and the shore alike with lashing winds, and called out to his father Ranginui, who responded by rending the sky with vast, forking strikes of lightning.

He took stock of his surroundings quickly, rising to his feet and struggling out of the surf to place himself farther from Tangaroa’s realm. He remembered the voyage now, felt the weakness of limb and mind that had resulted from his long, lonely drift in the canoe. His spear and war maul lay nearby, jutting conspicuously out of a tangled mass of wood that had been his canoe. Inland, the beach seemed to stretch onward for longer than it should, giving way to ground that seemed to be a mixture of sand and rocks. There were no trees or undergrowth marking the transition from beach to jungle as it would at home. It appeared to be daytime, but the storm made determining direction or the exact time of day impossible.

As he considered his options, the wind wailed louder and tore at his wet hair and clothing. He knew he was cold, even though the scars he had suffered at the hands of Rūaumoko kept him from feeling it as acutely as he should. The sand blurred around him, abrading his skin as surely as if he had been sliding down a rocky incline. He would have to find shelter soon, or Tangaroa and Ranginui would vent their rage on him and deliver him to the underworld, where Rūaumoko’s anger would make their attentions seem gentle and brief.

GM NOTE : Since this is your opening scene, I’m not going to have you roll for Icon relationships. The Maori gods are angry at you, your defiance of their will is what got you into this predicament to begin with. Tread carefully and show yourself resourceful, and a local Icon may take note and lend a hand…


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