Jan Zemin



Human Alchemist
22 Years Old
Brown Hair, Brown Eyes

CON 10
DEX 14
INT 18
WIS 10
CHA 16

HP 6
Recoveries 8 (d6)
AC 12
PD 13
MD 16
Initiative 3

Alchemist – 5
Con Man -3

Your One Unique Thing:
A strange gift of genetics have given Jan the ability to remember the scent of any ingredient or formulae by smell, enabling him to cook formulae and other things by smell memory.

ICON Relationships

The Pope: Conflicted (1)
The Teutonic Order: Negative (1)
Merlin: Positive (1)

Linguist (Adventurer)
Alchemist Feat (essnence of grace let’s me spend the recovery.)

Class Features:
Water (cold) Target gets -2 penalty to disengage checks, cannot disengage without roll (normal save)/ Target gains temp hp == my level +int modifier. Educated by books of Merlin(aricenna in the write up) Once per encounter when an ally hits an enemy you may use a healing formula on an ally if you do, deal damage to the attacking enemy equal to half the healing done.
Path to perfection +2 to MD and PD. Can use formulae while engaged without taking opp. attacks.

Splash of Life
Target You and nearby allies
All targets may spend a recovery and gain bonus healing eqaual to Int modifier +Level

Essence of Grace
Target: One nearby ally
Target may spend a recovery if he has not been affected by essence of grace this encounter he gains a positive alchemical efffect.

One Nearby ally
Target ignores miss chance for the rest of the encounter (does not override powers that say that something is not targetable)

Recharge 16+ after encounter – alchemical
Target a melee weapon belonging to you or a nearby ally
effect bonus equal to alchemists int bonus any physical hits take the chosen elements effect (water)


Jan was born among a czech lands going through a miniature renaissance. Many unremarked advances were progressing there, and Jan was the beneficiary of them. Unfortunately there was a local priest named Jan Hus who was interested in reform, but still putting it under the yoke of christianity. He put down many of the small academies and town groups devoted to exploring the natural world.

Someone brought some works on alchemy from Merlin to Jan’s town, and he was instantly hooked. At the advice of his parents, he read it in secret, so when the Hussites began gathering forces in the countryside to fight the local garrisons of monarchs loyal to the papacy and the Teutonic knighthood, the depths of his knowledge was unremarked.

The problem was that an overly passionate Jan decided that betraying the starts of the Hussite movement to the teutonic knights would result in a restoration of the freedoms that only came at that time when you had not drawn the ire of any church. He gave a lord of the Teutonic knights Petr Verakirk the information about the hussites. His main problem was that Lord Petr was contemplating heresy and joining the Hussites. He did not work against the Hussites rather tried to turn Jan in as a heretic to be questioned and eventually killed. Weeks into Jan’s stay in the loving arms of his interrogators, Petr’s conversion came to light which gave Jan’s vehement denials some legs. He was eventually released, but watched.

Jan managed to escape roaming Europe in search of knowledge separated from any religious organization. It has most recently led him to the camp of his original teacher, Merlin, he was a student there, working his way up in that camp. He has achieved the rank of Journeyman, and has been sent out to complete a Major Formulae on his own, and that is what finds him wandering as a healer, wandering sage, and helper of those on the fringes of acceptable society.

Jan Zemin

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