Austor d'Étival

Last of the Knights Templar



One Unique Thing:

Last of the Knights Templar and protector of the head of John the Baptist


The Devil: Conflicted (1)
The Pope: Conflicted (1)
The King of France: Positive (1)


Smite Evil
Lay on Hands
Paladin’s Challenge
Divine Domain: Knowledge/Lore


Lay on Hands
Smite Evil

Ability Scores

STR: 16 (3)
CON: 12 (1)
DEX: 10 (0)
INT: 10 (0)
WIS: 14 (2)
CHA: 16 (3)


Initiative: 1
Armor Class: 18 (heavy armor & a shield)
Physical Defense: 12
Mental Defense: 13
Hit Points: 27
Recoveries: 8
Recovery Dice: d10 plus 1


Knight Errant (5)
Outlaw (3)
Hunter/Gatherer (2)
Witchcraft (2)


On Friday, October 13, 1307, as members of the Knights Templar were being arrested on charges of dealing with demons (unfortunately true in some cases), Peyre d’Étival was handed a very special package by the Grandmaster and ordered to flee France. King Philip IV was no longer a friend to their order. Peyre took his parcel and his family and fled to the Black Forest of Germany, a choice deemed insane by his wife but the whispers he heard from his parcel ensured their safety.

Life in the forest wasn’t altogether peaceful though as a knight doesn’t abandon his ways and the kobolds and witches of the area weren’t keen on having one camping near their homes. After the loss of his eldest son, Peyre negotiated a truce with the witches in which he and his family would retreat to the southernmost edge of the forest and they would leave each other alone.

But such bitterness only ferments and generations later, around the time of Austor’s nineteenth birthday, the witches attacked and burned the small home of the d’Étival family. Austor, having been trained by his father to become a knight, took up his great-great-grandfathers armor and weapons, hunted down the witches and put an end to the blood feud.

In the end though, Austor was left alone. He took what provisions he could, plus the family heirloom of the whispering jar his grandfather had cherished for so long, and began wandering, helping where he could and always staying a step ahead of the forces of evil that sought to corrupt him and the forces of law that sought to capture him.

Austor d'Étival

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