Kaha Kura

Banished from New Zealand for offenses against Ruaumoko -- god of volcanoes


One Unique Thing
Entering (then leaving) an active volcano has consequences! My pain receptors were permanently damaged. [I feel no pain]

Ability Scores

  • STR: 17 (+3)
  • CON: 19 (+4) [Includes +2 from class]
  • DEX: 18 (+4) [Includes +2 from race]
  • INT: 14 (+2)
  • WIS: 16 (+3)
  • CHA: 11


  • Initiative: +5
  • AC: 15 (Currently no armor)
  • Physical Defense 16
  • Mental Defense 13
  • HP: 33
  • Recoveries 8
  • Recovery Dice: 1d10 + 4


  • Survivor of extreme circumstance +5
  • Master mariner +3




  • Ruaumoko: Negative (3)


  • Melee
    • 1d6 Mere [Basically a jade warclub — when wielded has a wrist cord that is used to secure it to the hand to prevent slipping/dropping]
    • 1d8 Taiaha [Maori bladed staff, 5-6 feet long]
  • Ranged
    • No proficiency in any form of ranged combat


  • None

This is a basic outline for now, with details continually getting fleshed out.

Early Life

  • Growing up was destined to be hard as he was the 3rd child of the chief’s 2nd wife.
  • Goal had always been to gain enough glory in battle to become chief.
  • Unmatched prowess in battle had him on track to become chief soon.


  • Fell in love with witch doctor’s daughter, who was slated to be sacrificed to the volcano
  • Daring rescue attempt consisting of clothing made from cabbage tree fibers (look it up, the fibers are fire resistant!), some contrived distraction, and pulling the maiden from the maw of the volcano
  • He emerges badly burned but alive, however the damage done to his nerves was so severe that he no longer feels pain. (His unique thing)
  • His daring plan is not successful as his love was cooked through.
  • He swears vengeance on Rūaumoko, and eats his lost love’s heart to keep her spirit with him.
  • Rūaumoko in turn focuses his ire on Kaha Kura for depriving him of the promised sacrifice.
  • The village is angered, and fears retribution from Rūaumoko. The chief sees an opportunity to avoid losing his chieftainship to the promising young warrior and banishes him from all of New Zealand.


  • Kaha Kura is allowed only his weapons of war (a spear and a jade war maul) and a sturdy canoe.
  • Tangaroa (god of the sea) tries to stop him for the wrong done to his brother

The clouds were swirling again. A big grey storm front that blocked out all light. Kaha Kura groaned as the winds began whipping waves up into frothy white crests. He knew his little outrigger canoe was once again going to be near impossible to handle. Thoughts of what he would give to once again command one of his tribes larger war canoes in the tempest he knew was coming rolled through his mind, but were cut short with the painful memory of all that had been lost.

There was no more island. There were no more canoes. There was no more tribe. Worst, there was no more Hauku. She was gone forever, and he… he may as well be dead too. There was nothing in this god-forsaken ocean — aside from a too small canoe in a too big storm.

He was sure Tangaroa was trying to end him for what he had done. It was the only explanation for the freak weather of the past week. He had ridden out many storms, though usually in a larger vessel, but this… this was unnatural. It was incessant and it was trying to kill him.

All thoughts of his unfortunate predicament were washed away as the first wave of many washed over the bow. Only his skill as a mariner, honed since he could walk, could save him now — and he was already so tired from the last attempts on his life.

The waves continued to crash down while Kaha Kura fought the waves and the wind. He had to keep his bow pointed into the cresting waves or his canoe would roll and dump him into the sea. His vessel was streamlined enough that this normally wouldn’t be a problem, but the wind! The wind was cutting across from the side even as it pushed the waves over the front.

The storm raged for hours and still Kaha Kura fought, all strength sapped from his limbs. He felt as though he could no longer lift his arms, but the only other option was death and he wasn’t ready for that yet. He still owed a god some serious vengeance. But first he had to survive the temper of Tangaroa.

It was too dark to see when he felt the first impact on his boat. It almost felt like he had run over something, only that didn’t make sense in the middle of the ocean. He had gone beyond the known world by now, there could be nothing out here. Was it some creature of the deep, come up to aid the wind in its attempts to murder him?

It came again and Kaha Kura knew it for what it was. There was a submerged limb here. It made no sense, but that sensation was so familiar to him that he didn’t question it. If he was running aground, where could he be?

This thought too was stamped out as the unthinkable happened. His boat caught on the branches and he hadn’t the strength to correct her course any longer. A huge swell from behind and a violent gust from the consuming tempest lifted his canoe and tossed it, whirling into the dark, leaving him suspended in mid-air. The gut wrenching sensation lasted only a moment before crashing to the ground with a sickening thud. Kaha Kura knew that it should have been painful, but the only sensation was one of wonder that he was lying on hard ground. Then complete darkness enveloped him.

Kaha Kura

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