An Age of Sorcery

The year is 1400 AD. The place is Earth. But things are not exactly as the historians tell us.

All in all, the daily lives of the populace are mundane and follow the patterns people of our time would expect. But there are monsters in the dark and hidden places, and people with exceptional skill and mysterious powers are at large in the world.

In Europe, descendants of Merlin and his students sometimes succeed in bending the forces of magic to their will, while faeries and boggarts lurk in the woods and make mischief upon mortals.

In Scandinavia, the All-Father’s priests fight a losing battle against the influx of Christianity, while the Mother of Monsters recuperates from her “defeat” at the hands of Beowulf and works on renewing her children.

In the East, the Celestial Bureaucracy schemes and toys with the lives of men — sometimes in secret, sometimes with overt intent — while the Emperor quietly but desperately searches for another huli jing from whom he can wrest another century of life.

In South America, priests of Tlaloc are receiving visions of a coming apocalypse, mirrored by disturbing spirit walks experienced by medicine men far to their north, while both continents must continue to battle with the wild things that sometimes emerge from their forests and jungles to hunt humans.

Come with us and explore the adventures that await the exceptionally skilled, the exceptionally powerful, or the exceptionally unlucky. Come make your mark on the Age of Sorcery.

Age of Sorcery

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